• I never know what to give my girlfriend for her birthdayAnonymous
  • I don't feel safe going to my car at nightAnonymous
  • There is an unemployment problem in my communityAnonymous
  • My grandfather always forgets where he's left his walking stickAnonymous
  • I need help learning which buttons to press!Anonymous
  • I always run out of time.Anonymous
  • Our behavior needs to change - the old ways of doing things are holding us back.Anonymous
  • We need to get more people involved.Anonymous
  • I want to help others.Anonymous
  • It want it to last.Anonymous
  • It just needs to be more appealing - I can’t relate to the current one at all!Anonymous
  • I want to activate the space.Anonymous

About this project

Reasons to Design is a project where we aim to uncover opportunities for design.

We explore how returning to a specific experience or observation of daily life, can help establish a context for design. By mapping the circumstances visually and uncovering the narratives within, we extract motive and sentiment to help drive the ideation process and illuminate the issues that designing means to address.

This is design thinking using storytelling and narrative. But rather than define solutions and outcomes first, we aim to collect sites for design action and review the history of our experiences and the things we observe to get to the bottom of the design problem – the reason to design.

Why? We know that the world is full of things that need creative solutions and we believe that design is an agency for delivering them - but we're interested in understanding what they are.

This is our research project and we invite you to be a part of it by contributing your experiences, observations, and reasons to design!

Reaons to design is now closed! Thank you to all for your contributions!

About the designers

Reasons For Design was part of the Melbourne Now Design Residency: the Bolwell Edge Caravan Studio during February 2014 at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Edmund Carter and Simone LeAmon share a collaborative practice. Engaged by organisations, companies and brands, Carter LeAmon develops design and creative strategies in the areas of product and manufacturing, property development, public and urban design, exhibitions and publishing. The creative strategies they develop help their clients to engage enthusiastically with their audiences and aspire to elevate the importance of design and creativity – and the work of the creative communities we operate in.

Edmund Carter is an architect and designer with an interest in computational design process and in interdisciplinary public art and urban design. Edmund has exhibited nationally and internationally including at the Venice and Rotterdam Architecture Biennales and was the recipient of the RAIA Graduate Prize in 2006. He collaborates regularly with established Australian practices and practitioners including MGS Architects, Lyons Architecture, Material Thinking and Simone LeAmon and has lectured in architecture at RMIT, Melbourne and Monash Universities.

Simone LeAmon is an industrial designer, artist, writer and curator. Her practice, Simone LeAmon Design and Creative Strategy, explores cultural values and social practices with rigour and insight. Simone's design-artwork has been exhibited widely appearing in the London Design Museum, Triennale di Milano and idée Tokyo. Simone is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2009 Cecily and Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award presented by the National Gallery of Victoria. She is a lecturer in industrial design at RMIT and Adjunct at Monash University Melbourne. LeAmon is the curator of Melbourne Design Now the design component of the National Gallery of Victoria's 2013-14 exhibition Melbourne Now.

Thank you!